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Affiliated with FPMT

Langri Tangpa Centre is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT)


Learn to Meditate

A 4-week experiential course on the basics of meditation. Discover the benefits of meditation and practice a correct and comfortable posture. Investigate the different types of meditation and which methods suit you best, and learn how to overcome obstacles like drowsiness and distraction.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Beginner
  • Leader Ven. Lozang Drolkar
  • Suggested Donation $10/$5 per class (plus $20 for notes)
  • Day & Time Thursday evenings, 6.30 pm - 8 pm
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates 25 May - 22 June, 2107
Published in Learn to Meditate

Death Over Dinner

The dinner table is the most forgiving place for difficult conversation. Start the conversation about end of life care at the kitchen table rather than in the ICU! Join Ven. Lozang Trin-la in the international movement to encourage people to have an important and intimate discussion over a delicious dinner. Bookings essential for catering purposes (this will be a 3-course delicious dinner!)

Additional Info
  • Program Level All levels
  • Leader Ven. Trin-la
  • Suggested Donation $40 (bookings ESSENTIAL!)
  • Day & Time 7 pm - 9 pm
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates Saturday 21 July, 2017
Published in Family & Social

Evening Yoga

Yoga for all levels and age groups, including seniors and beginners. Relaxation, personal instruction and mmindful movement helps you unwind from workday stress, let go of tension and feel revitalised. A gentle blend of Asana [postures] Pranayama [breathwork] and Meditation.

Additional Info
  • Program Level All levels
  • Leader Amanda Lynn & Cindy Hartigan
  • Suggested Donation Cost is $15 per class (cash only please)
  • Day & Time 6.30 pm - 8 pm
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates Monday & Wednesday evenings, 2017
Published in Health & Cooking

Four Meditations for Happiness

Guided meditation on the four attitudes for happiness. Learn to relax, concentrate, practice mindfulness, and develop positive mental habits. We focus on a different topic each week to develop the heart-felt attitudes of compassion and kindness. Includes breathing and relaxation meditation and time for questions.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Beginner
  • Leader Carolyn Mason
  • Suggested Donation $10/$5 per class
  • Day & Time Thursdays 6.30 pm - 8 pm
  • Associated Classes
  • Dates 20 April - 18 May, 2017
Published in Emotional Balance

Introduction to Tantra

Learn the definition of tantra, how tantra works and why it is a powerful form of practice. Get a broad overview of the four classes of tantra and learn how to practice simple kriya tantric methods. In addition, find out how to integrate the practices of tantra with lam rim for optimal results.

Additional Info
  • Program Level Intermediate
  • Leader Miffi Maxmillion
  • Suggested Donation $10/$5 per class plus $40 for the notes
  • Day & Time Wednesday Evenings, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
  • Associated Classes Tara Puja, Dharma Kit-bag
  • Dates 12 April - 21 June, 2017
Published in In-depth Buddhism

Opening Hours

Opening for Class

Reception and Meditation Hall opens half an hour before class and half an hour after class. The reception closes whilst class is on.


Shop Hours

Tue   9 am - 1 pm
Wed  5 pm - 9 pm
Sat    9 am - 5 pm
Sun   9 am - 1 pm


Front Hall Yoga Times

Mon   9.30 am
         6.30 pm
Wed  9.30 am
         6.30 pm
Fri      9.30 am

(opens 15 minutes early)

Help Keep LTC Flourishing

Keep LTC Flourishing

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LTC is run by volunteers and we rely primarily on donations to keep the centre open. Donating to the GOMPA FUND is a fundamental way of supporting LTC, and the merit will last as long as the Dharma is taught at LTC - for generations to come!

Go to our simple and secure online donation page to make regular donations (or a one-off contribution) and help LTC to flourish!

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How to get Here

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